Our Community Guidelines

We are a kind and responsible community of like-minded dancers, dance mums, gymnasts, ice-skaters, teachers and coaches, who all want to enjoy the same things.

Our rules are pretty simple:

  1. Be nice!  Treat people exactly how you’d like to be treated.  There is never too much kindness in the world.
  2. Have your items all ready to go before you list them, that way there is no delay in shipping.
  3. If your item has sold, please remove it from the store.  We’d hate for you. to accidentally sell the same item twice.
  4. Once an item has been paid for please send it as quickly as possible.  We think that 48 hours after the sale is ideal.  Anything longer than that should be discussed with the purchaser.
  5. Always make sure your item is sent in the condition that you would like to receive it – clean and nicely wrapped.  Feel free to add a little sparkle to your package with a handwritten note, or some pretty ribbons.
  6. Tracking and proof of sending/delivery are essential to ensure a smooth, trouble-free transaction.
  7. Please keep all your listings on ReDance only.  Anyone who posts their items elsewhere will have their listing removed.
  8. Communication is key!  As a seller or a buyer, please make sure you check your messages and reply to them promptly.
  9. Sharing is caring!  If you’ve had a great experience on ReDance feel free to spread the word and tell other dancers how awesome we are.
  10. Happy shopping!  Keep smiling and keep dancing.